Want to know how and how much can you save in telecom expenses?

Don’t get halfway in cost savings and achieve a consistent strategy through a comprehensive analysis of your telecom expense data –wireline voice, mobile, data, Internet– to ensure that you pay no more than the right.

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We offer you the possibility to get for free a preliminary analysis informing how much you can save.

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You can register in our platform and upload your contract rates and usage files in order to get your free preliminary analysis.

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Upload to our cloud a monthly set of your contract rates and usage files from all your Telco providers.

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Thoroughly monitoring every euro of telecommunications spending will cost only a fraction of the economic value we protect. In addition, since we incur lower costs, it is quite possible that our services can be free for you.


Telecom expense monitoring and control

Our telecom expense monitoring and control service in a monthly basis controls and gives transparency to your expenses to ensure that you pay no more than the right. Analyzing your contract rates and comparing with detailed usage records, it identifies and manage cost variances and issues associated with voice, data and mobile usage, automatically notifying you of opportunities for dispute and recovery.

Advanced Analytical Service.

As well as monitoring and controlling your telecom expenses, we explore and analyze your invoice data, inventory and process management data to help you turn insight into action, enabling stronger evidence-based decision making. Our service is a valuable competitive mean to put pressure on carriers to save costs in a consistent way.

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